Heard about CBD because it’s trending but don’t know what it exactly is? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has become popular due to its health benefits. 

CBD-infused products have been popping up everywhere. The most commonly used form is CBD oil, and it is orally taken by people. It is made by extracting CBD components from cannabis plants and mixing it with some oil, usually known as CBD hemp oil

Many studies are being conducted on this new chemical to see its benefits and side effects. CBD has received many positive reviews, and now, it is widely being used for anxiety symptoms and pain relief. Here are seven reasons for people obsessing over CBD. 

  • It Is Legal

You must be wondering why Marijuana is illegal, but CBD isn’t? The level of THC is what determines if it’s legal and safe to use or not. THC is the psychoactive compound found in Cannabis. A 0.3% and lower THC is considered legal in many states. 

CBD is a natural chemical extracted from Cannabis indica, the same plant that’s further dried and used to make marijuana. However, it has different properties, and it’s legal and safe to use. 

  • It Is Not Intoxicating

Like its identical plant, marijuana, CBD is widely used legally because it’s not intoxicating. The chemicals extracted here have no psychoactive properties like marijuana does. It has properties that make you feel calmer rather than making you have mind-altering sensations.

  • It Helps Relieve Anxiety And Depression

Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon because CBD oil has massive positive effects on our psychological health. Anxiety disorders and depression have become increasingly common amongst young adults. These disorders hinder daily lives and have a devastating impact on physical as well as emotional health. CBD helps relieve some symptoms and is therapeutic. 

In most cases of anxiety and depression, psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotic medications. Anyone who has taken those knows how many side effects they have. Insomnia, mood swings, sexual dysfunction are a few of the side effects. Some of these medications may also be addictive. 

Therefore, CBD is a much more preferred option over these medications. Studies have shown that CBD has shown to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and has acted as an antidepressant as well. 

  • It Helps With Insomnia

CBD is also said to control cortisol levels in our bodies. Cortisol is the stress hormone found to be higher at night in people diagnosed with insomnia, resulting in sleepless nights and night-time awakenings. CBD here acts as a mild sedative and lowers cortisol levels. What’s better than a good night’s sleep?

  • It May Reduce Acne

Not only does it help with psychological issues, but also with skin problems. Acne is a very common skin condition. They are painful bumps and pimples on skin that can now be treated using CBD-infused products. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm acne. With that, it was found CBD also has sebum-reducing properties. 

CBD-infused products help lower sebum production and, as a result, reduce acne. Many skincare brands have now started marketing their products with CBD in them, and it is becoming a trend. 

  • It May Treat Cancer-related Symptoms

People who are fighting cancer know how dreadful the side effects of chemotherapy can be. Some of the common side effects of cancer medications and treatments include pain, nausea, and vomiting. 

A study showed that patients receiving CBD and THC during their cancer treatment had less distressing symptoms. It had reduced chemotherapy-related vomiting and nausea that they usually felt without CBD and THC doses.  

  • It Relieves Pain

Marijuana has been known to relieve pain. It was very commonly used in BCs as a way to relieve pain. Scientists have found CBD to also have such properties as marijuana. Many studies have found that CBD has helped relieve pain in patients with arthritis and multiple sclerosis. A study on rats showed that CBD injections reduced their pain response during surgery. 

Give it a try!

Listing all the benefits would help you make up your mind. Give it a try and see if it works for your situation!  However, it is advisable to check in with your physician first before trying it. 

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