There’s no doubt about it; CBD comes with many perks. And more and more people are figuring this out. With this influx of people open-minded to CBD products and especially CBD oil, information can get lost. Rumors start to swirl, and soon enough, people begin to hear negative and false statements about CBD. However, at Superior CBD Hemp Oil, our team is here to clear up any rumors and help people get the treatment they need to find relief. Follow along to learn some facts about CBD oil and hopefully debunk some myths.

Fact #1: CBD Does Not Give a High Feeling

Many people confuse CBD with medical marijuana. But the two are different, with one having the “high” feeling and another providing more relaxation and stress relief. CBD can even offer people pain relief, which is one of the most common reasons why people seek out CBD, to begin with. While medical marijuana also delivers pain relief to people, if you don’t enjoy or tolerate the feeling of being high, then you might prefer CBD.

Fact #2: CBD Does Not Require a Medical Card

With medical marijuana being a hot topic right now, many people wonder if the requirements of CBD are similar. But rest assured, as CBD is available for everyone. There is no medical card, doctors’ appointments, or lengthy process with the state to undergo. The easy access makes CBD available for people everywhere, regardless of medical condition or needs. All you must do to get your hands on CBD oil and CBD hemp products is place an order online with Superior CBD Hemp Oil. Or you can stop by any of our locations and browse the different products in person. Either way, our products are readily available to all and are here to help you find the relief you are after.

Fact #3: CBD Comes in Various Forms

Finding the perfect CBD product may take some trial and error, but the good news is that none of the products changes the effects of CBD. The feeling of relaxation, drowsiness, pain relief, and stress relief remain consistent. But, if you are looking for pain relief from arthritis versus stress relief, you might want to explore various products. For physical pain, topicals and CBD creams help the most. These get applied externally, similar to a lotion, and address the area first and foremost. CBD oil, on the other hand, is excellent for achieving all of the benefits of CBD. You will notice pain relief, too, but it will not be as targeted as you ingest the oil droplets orally.

Fact #4: There Are Different Strengths of Each CBD Product

This fact is a little trickier than the others. You can browse for CBD products and easily determine that there are many to choose between, but the strength of each might be more challenging to figure out. Some places, such as Superior CBD Hemp Oil have the milligrams of the CBD products listed, but not everywhere makes it easy for shoppers, especially those new to CBD. Essentially, the higher the milligram is, the more potent the oil or cream is. However, don’t let the higher amounts fool you. The effect you feel from CBD will get decided by how much you ingest or apply. The more droplets you take, the more you will feel the CBD. If you have a higher-dose CBD product, take it slower than you would with the lower-dose products.

Fact #5: Dogs Can Have CBD

The powers of CBD do not stop at humans! Animals are also able to have CBD in moderation. However, we recommend ensuring that the CBD brand you use is up to par and from a reputable place. If you feel even a little unsure or hesitant about giving the pet-friendly CBD to your furry friend, it never hurts to consult their vet first. The added peace of mind can go a long way for you and your pet.

Enjoy High-Quality CBD Oil at Superior CBD Hemp Oil

To learn more about CBD and the many ways can help you and your pet out, visit the Superior CBD Hemp Oil website ( Our team is here to help you find relief however we can. Whether that includes our CBD oils or CBD creams, we have the solution you are after. Have any questions? Give our team a call today at (617) 309-9204.

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