CBD cream is all the rage with the various sources and professionals touting the short and long-term benefits it provides to your health. 

For example, this year, the Tokyo Olympics allows athletes to use CBD to deal with the aches and pains of competition. Organizers widely approved CBD to the list of authorized substances for recovery, providing the THC levels stay below .3%.

This showcases how CBD is changing science, medicine, and giving you short and long-term benefits to your health. You can now use CBD to make your body more capable of responding to issues other substances could not. A revolution is happening by giving you new choices of what you can take to ensure your body functions at peak levels. 

What Makes CBD Different?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, a cousin of marijuana, and the two look similar. The big difference is in a substance that marijuana contains called THC, which produces hallucinogenic effects. CBD does not have as much THC, and you will not feel the psychological impacts of marijuana. Federal law allows the sale of CBD, providing the THC levels do not exceed .3%. You can realize the long-term benefits CBD offers from the medical properties that will positively impact your nervous system, muscles, and cells. 

Healthy Skin

Skin challenges occur in many forms, such as inflammation, itching, scarring, spotting, wrinkles, and acne. The benefits are that CBD contains vitamins C, E, free radicals, and antioxidants that improve the health of your skin by producing more collagen. 

For example, if you want to have smoother and firmer skin, CBD cream is your best bet by increasing the amount of collagen your body produces. Collagen tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles from developing to give you a younger appearance. Your skin is not as dry and feels hydrated to avoid excess oil production that leads to acne. 

Superior Hemp Oil can help find you the right CBD dosage and products to improve the health of your skin. We are on the cutting edge of what is possible to improve your long-term health using CBD products. 


Pain is common as you become older or are involved in different physical activities. The South Florida lifestyle encourages everyone to be active with the fun, sun, and endless summer. However, you feel pain as your body is constantly on the go and your bones, joints, and muscles break down. 

CBD reduces pain by soothing the nervous system’s receptors and penetrating deep into those areas of the body where the pain is occurring. You feel immediate relief and your aches decrease by applying the cream to the skin in these parts. Using CBD consistently improves your health and makes your body have a better range of motion and other positive effects. Your long-term health improves, and you can go back to the active lifestyle you enjoy. 

Superior Hemp Oil can help you in finding the right CBD products to get the maximum benefits. We are experts on what works and can assist you in locating a cream that improves your long-term health. You don’t have to live in pain or rely on prescription drugs by turning to the cream to get the maximum benefits. 

Dental Issues

You can use the cream to reduce pain in your jaw by applying it to the skin over the problem area. The receptors to the pain are relaxed, and the CBD goes in deep and targets the pain your body is experiencing.

You relieve the tension and swelling in the jaw with the antioxidant properties working to treat the infection. You feel better and can go back to having a typical day versus feeling a sense of agony from unwanted pain.  

Superior Hemp Oil can help with our creams, giving you an alternative to reduce pain when you have dental issues. Don’t go through life in pain, and use a better solution to help you to feel better fast. 

CBD cream offers benefits that improve your long-term health and deal with issues affecting you over the short and long term. Call Superior Hemp Oil today at today 954-715-3322 and let us help you find the best cream that will work for you. We are off Sun Valley Road, near the Pine Tree Golf Club in Boynton Beach.

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