There are many types of CBD products on the market, which may make it challenging for beginners to pick one that best fits their needs. 

As a consumer, you need to be completely in the know, not just about the efficacy of each product, but the quality, which concentrates to choose, and the reputation of the company you are buying your CBD oil, cream, or other products from. 

There is a lot to learn about these products, but a good place to start is by learning the different ways this therapeutic compound can be taken. 

What are the ways you can use CBD to get results? 

There are essentially four ways that you can take CBD. These are: 

  • Orally (i.e., CBD oil, food)
  • Sublingually (under the tongue with oils, crystals, etc.)
  • Topically (i.e., CBD cream, lotion)
  • Inhaled (i.e., smoking, vaping)

Each form of administration comes with countless products and a variety of ways to deliver the cannabinoids into your system. 

Oral Administration

One of the easiest forms of administration is swallowing CBD oil. You can swallow drops of it directly, or you can add it to foods and drinks to mask the flavor. By taking it this way, it goes directly into your bloodstream for a lasting effect. 

Aside from the oil, there are many pre-made foods and even drinks that contain cannabinoids, like gummy bears, desserts, and non-alcoholic beers. 

When taken in this form, it will take time to feel the effects, but it lasts much longer-lasting than other methods.

Topical Administration 

When taken topically, like in the form of our CBD cream, it gets absorbed into the skin but does not go into the bloodstream. It can interact with receptors in your skin, such as pain receptors, for targeted pain relief, but does not offer systemic relief. 

One added benefit of topical treatments is the ability to nourish and hydrate skin, which reduces the signs of aging. This is because CBD topicals, like lotions, creams, and balms, utilize other beneficial ingredients apart from cannabinoids, such as shea butter.

Sublingual Administration 

Again, CBD oil is being used, but it’s placed under the tongue to be absorbed for rapid relief. While the effects are fast, they aren’t long-lasting. Some oils can be administered both sublingually and orally.


When you need instant relief, inhaling is a good form of administration. It can be smoked or vaped to provide a feeling of relaxation without the high. This may be helpful for people who struggle with stress and/or anxiety disorders. 

If vaping, you should be careful which vape device you use, as some create carcinogenic chemicals. If you plan to vape, consider using vape devices that harness aerosol technology, as they don’t produce carcinogens.

Be Informed

Cannabinoid is becoming mainstream, and more companies want to get in on the action. In many instances, consumers buy products that claim to have CBD but don’t. 

If the product does contain CBD, it’s of inferior quality, and such products on the market offer minimal benefits. Because this industry is new and mostly unregulated, companies get away with these unethical tactics. 

It’s important to be an informed consumer and do your research about both the company and the product. Here are some suggestions we recommend before you make any purchase.

  • Ask the company for a certificate of authenticity
  • Research the company and product
  • Don’t buy impulsively
  • Find out where the hemp plant was grown
  • Be wary of companies that grow hemp outside of the U.S.
  • Learn the difference between spectrums

At Superior Hemp Oil, all of our products are certified third-party lab tested. Any additional ingredients added to our products, like the peppermint and MCT essential oils found in our full-spectrum CBD oil are completely natural.

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Superior Hemp oil was created industry was seriously lacking high-quality CBD products that could effectively treat a variety of conditions. Most of the products on the market were also too expensive for everyone to use. Since we launched in 2014, Superior Hemp Oil has become the most reliable source for CBD. You will always find quality products at reasonable prices. 

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