Hemp has been used by mankind for over 10,000 years. This fast-growing, multifaceted plant has been known for its many uses since the dawn of civilization. Today, there are over 25,000 hemp-based products around the world. To show you how hemp might save the planet, we will be showing you the top 5 hemp facts.

First things first, we are not talking about marijuana, though it and hemp come from the same family of plant, Cannabis Sativa. Hemp is the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana, there is less than .03% THC in this amazing plant. 

Hemp can do so much, but it can’t get you high.

As you will soon learn, the uses for this plant appear to be endless. 

Do you want to see some hemp facts? 

Let us give you a taste of some of the things that you can produce with hemp. 

Things You Can Make with Hemp Seeds and Flowers.

  • Flour
  • Cereals
  • Bread
  • Cooking Oil
  • Margarine
  • Protein Powder
  • Fuel
  • Ink Paint
  • And so many more!

Things You Can Make with Hemp Stalk.

  • Canvas
  • Textiles
  • Cardboard
  • Rope
  • Biofuel
  • Insulation
  • Fiberboard
  • Concrete

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So let’s get to it: Can hemp save the planet? 

These Top 5 Hemp Facts will shed some light on this often misunderstood and valuable resource.

Hemp Reduces Carbon Emissions Around the Globe.

According to the USGS; “Carbon dioxide is the most commonly produced greenhouse gas. Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is one method of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the goal of reducing global climate change.”

Hemp Fact: For every ton of hemp grown, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the atmosphere.

Hemp Requires No Pesticides or Herbicides.

To grow hemp, all you need to do is plant the seed and it will grow. Pesticides poison the environment and do so critically on a worldwide scale. Hemp requires no pesticides to grow, and herbicides are not needed either. 

Hemp Nourishes the Soil and Prevents Erosion.

This hemp fact has been known by farmers for thousands of years. The leaves, which are left over after cultivation are full of nutrients. These leaves are reintroduced into the soil, acting as a natural fertilizer – enriching the soil. 

The roots from hemp plants run deep. They help capture and protect the soil from the natural elements that cause erosion. Farmers often use hemp as a crop rotation tool. It not only produces a viable and profitable product but helps keep the soil rich and fertile.

Hemp can Reduce Our Dependence on Plastics.

There is a growing awareness around the world of the incredibly negative impact that plastics have on the environment. According to the NCSL, 8 U.S. states have banned single-use plastic bags, more every year are doing the same. 

The main component of plastic is cellulose, but it is currently derived from petroleum, a toxic substance. This form of plastic will last almost half a century, there is no end game to the shelf life of this plastic. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic get thrown into the ocean and landfills. Scientists are now finding plastic in the fish we harvest from the ocean that ends up on our dinner tables.

Hemp is a natural, cellulose-rich plant that is biodegradable. Combined with other plant fibers, hemp can be turned into a safe, biodegradable bioplastic. This is one of those hemp facts you should consider the next time sushi is on the menu.

Hemp Can End World Hunger.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 820 million people around the world go to bed hungry every night. This is a number that is not only unacceptable but shameful.

Hemp is the most easily grown crop on the planet and can be cultivated in almost any terrain and environment. This sustainable product can supply nutrient-rich foods to virtually every human being and be sourced locally.

Oil and flour are just two of the food products that can be made from hemp. Hemp seeds as well are an incredible food source. And not just that, hemp is dense with vital nutrients. 

Some of the nutrients that are packed in hemp are:

  • Protein
  • Omega3 & Omega 6 essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins B, A, D, & E
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Niacin
  • Calcium
  • Zinc


So What Have We Learned From Our List of Top 5 Hemp Facts?

Hemp can protect our natural resources, reduce waste, and help eliminate carbon emissions. But most importantly it can help end world hunger. 

While it can’t prevent wars or eliminate poverty, hemp can be the catalyst for change. By taking advantage of all the things that this incredible plant can offer, we can concentrate on other issues.

Hemp can allow us to take our focus away from so many issues so we can spend more time and resources fixing the global economy. It can allow us to focus on finding common ground to help end wars. Hemp can be the catalyst of change that can save our planet. To learn more about hemp, or to buy high-quality CBD products online, contact Superior Hemp Oil today!

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