The alarm breaks through the silence of the night. The digital clock read 6:00 am across its black screen in green fluorescent lighting. As you stretch to shut the alarm off, you instinctively let out a grown so deep you contemplate how old you are getting. 

Your index finger grazes across the snooze button, but you remember all of the tasks you have to do today, so you turn to the off button and press down. 

Silence holds the room once again. 

Your morning routine has already begun.

You rub your eyes to greet the pitch-black room. After you survey the room, you go to remove the covers and take your first steps of the day. As soon as you stand up, the usual pop of the knees kickstarts your morning. 

As you stroll to the bathroom, each step feels somehow stiffer than the one before. As you reach the bathroom, you realize how long today is going to be. If this morning ritual sounds familiar, you are not alone.

If you notice that your body begins to become more sore than usual, you may be a prime candidate for CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream. Superior Hemp Oil has a variety of CBD creams that can help fight sore and achy muscles. As research increases for learning about the science behind CBD, more and more people are pointing to the benefits of applying CBD topically.

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What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is different than the THC found in marijuana. In the cannabis plant, CBD and THC are two of the main compounds found in the plant. Despite the two having identical chemical formulas, the effects each cannabinoid has on the body could not be more different. 

CBD, when applied topically, can help alleviate joint and muscle pain. In controlled studies, researchers have found that patients experience less “inflammation in the joint area and fewer pain-related behaviors” while using CBD to treat pain. 

This makes CBD a great option for anyone dealing with chronic pain, who may not want to use the typical pain killers or similar medications.

CBD Cream

When using Superior Hemp Oil’s CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream, you may also notice an improvement in your skin’s health. Researchers have also found that “CBD-enriched ointment significantly improved the skin” and improved the quality of life in patients with skin disorders.

Whether you suffer from a chronic skin condition or simply dry skin, our CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream can help smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Our CBD cream, in addition to healthy skin practices, can help you see a significant change in your skin conditions.

We Provide All-Natural CBD Cream

When developing our powerful CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream, scientists at Superior Hemp Oil had to ensure all of the ingredients were 100% all-natural. Our 1500mg CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream contains less than .03% of THC, meaning you will experience no psychoactive effects nor will you have to worry about failing a drug test. 

The purpose of this product is to simply provide pain relief to your sore muscles and joints to improve your quality of life.

What separates Superior Hemp Oil’s products from the competition is that we extract all of our oil without any harsh chemicals. 

Did you know some company’s use cutting agents in their products? 

Poisonous chemicals like butane, propane, and hexane can be found in these products, making them extremely harmful. To ensure product quality is held to our high standard, we do lab tests to ensure our formula and products are of that standard.

Superior Hemp Oil Can Help

If pain is something you’re dealing with, CBD can help! 

At Superior Hemp Oil, we offer CBD Oil-infused products of the highest quality. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, back pain, or muscle soreness, our 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Topical Cream is the solution you need! 

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