Whether you have been utilizing CBD oil products for some time now or have only recently started, there are some facts that you should know. Not only do these facts give you more information on what you are consuming as treatment, but they also help you see the other ways you can use CBD. 

As the saying goes, the more you know, the better.

After learning more about CBD, you may want to branch out and try new products; in which case, Superior CBD Hemp Oil has what you need. We carry both CBD droppers and CBD creams that can help you find the relief you are after. 

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Not All CBD is Identical

One fact that not even all veteran CBD fans know is not all CBD products are the same. Now, most people know that you can get CBD creams, droppers, among other products. However, there are different types of CBD products outside of the product itself. It all comes down to the type and formula in the product. 

The three types of CBD products fall into these categories, isolate, broad-spectrum, and full spectrum.

Isolate is when there is nothing but CBD in the product. This product is best known as being pure CBD and is often in a powdery form. 

Broad-spectrum is CBD oil that has some THC removed but contains terpenes and extracted cannabinoids. 

Full-spectrum is all CBD, cannabis-derived terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and tiny amounts of THC. 

Not sure which type of product is best for you? 

Let our team at Superior CBD Hemp Oil help you. Many people find that they enjoy the full-spectrum droppers, but we also have other products that you can explore as well.

CBD Does Not Get You High

Many people who have tried CBD before already know this fact. However, many people new to CBD find themselves hesitant to try it because of the fear of getting high. 

Here at Superior CBD Hemp Oil, we understand that medical marijuana is not for everyone. The psychoactive component, THC, can make it difficult for people to find relief. They find themselves disliking the feeling it gives them and ends up not being able to relax.

But, CBD on the other hand, is a happy medium. It gives you all of the benefits without the feeling of being high. 

There are other medical marijuana symptoms you will not experience, but most people find themselves the most concerned about feeling high. With CBD, you can expect relief from pain, muscle aches, mental health problems, some internal issues, and more. 

It’s true what they say, CBD can be a miracle worker.

Finding the Right CBD Dosage is Trial and Error

People new and old to CBD have a difficult time finding the ideal dosage. One reason for this is that the dosage you need is constantly changing. 

One month you might need one droplet, and the next month you might need three droplets. The more you take CBD, the more your tolerance to it will grow.

That’s why we always recommend starting slow, no matter how new or adapted to CBD you are. When you start slow, you can find the best dosage for you. 

If it’s not enough, you can always add more. But, if you take too much or rub in too much cream, you cannot take it away until the CBD wears off. 

However, if this does happen to you, don’t stress. CBD is not dangerous. The worst-case scenario is that you will feel more relaxed than usual and potentially fatigued. But, there’s no need for concern, unless you’re using other medications. In this case, you’ll want to consult your doctor before diving into CBD. 


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