CBD, or cannabidiol, is taking the country by storm with its health, sleep, and stress-relief benefits. There is no doubt that more and more people have become open-minded to the idea and usage of CBD in the past decade. And even more so in the past few years. 

What started as gummies and droppers turned into drinks at bars and CBD oil pain relief cream. Now, there are countless CBD products on the market, many of which we have at Superior CBD Hemp Oil.

Among all the unique products and CBD infused items, one that stands out is CBD oil pain relief cream. The cream stands out because it does not get ingested orally. Instead, users can rub it into the area that requires relief. Not only does this provide more people with relief in targeted areas, but it’s more comfortable. Whether you have heard about CBD cream or not, chances are that you are somewhat curious about how it works. 

After all, if it doesn’t get consumed orally, how does it take effect? Let us explain.

What is CBD?

First things first, we have to break down what CBD is. The typical definition is that CBD is similar to medical marijuana but without the feeling of being high. Users get all of the benefits of medical marijuana, such as pain relief, stress relief, muscle relaxation, and even medical treatment. 

While CBD is not marijuana, it is a component of the marijuana plant. It’s critical to note that hundreds of components make up the marijuana plant. But, CBD is one of the notable parts of the plant. It’s this trait that makes it as effective as it is while separated from the marijuana plant.

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

Now that we have the foundation of what CBD is, the next step is understanding how CBD works in the human body. Most people choose to consume the products orally; however, the CBD cream is topical and can only absorb through the skin. But, the way it gets taken doesn’t change the effects too much. Instead, it may make you feel some effects more strongly than others and more strongly in specific areas.

The human body has a system called the endocannabinoid system. There is still much research to be done on it. But, right now, we know that this system manages a lot of responsibilities. From how hungry you are to how much pain you feel, this system plays a role. The three core elements in this system are receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. These elements function with or without CBD use. But, CBD has an influence over them once absorbed in the body.

Receptors and CBD Cream

Once CBD gets absorbed through the skin or orally, it begins to influence receptors. These receptors called CB1 and CB2 play a role in how we operate. CB1 receptors help make appetite, pain, mood, movement, memory happen. CB2 receptors control inflammation, some pain, and the nervous system. The CBD does not attach or join the receptors,  but it can influence them enough for you to find relief. Whether this is pain relief, stress relief, or increased appetite, it comes down to CBD.

There is more and more research getting done on CBD and its role in the body. But thus far, research has revealed that CBD can help epilepsy, depression, heart conditions, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and more. Scientists are dedicating time and resources to learning more about the benefits CBD brings. But here at Superior CBD Hemp Oil, we only expect the list to grow.

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