CBD, or cannabidiol, is quite popular these days, and for a good reason. What was initially seen as a taboo is now widely accepted and utilized. Here at Superior Hemp Oil, we think it’s safe to say that CBD hemp oil is the future of treatments and, more specifically, pain relief. No matter what age, condition, and location of pain you have: CBD can help ease it. 


It may seem as if everyone is curious about CBD or has tried it already. But, in reality, the excitement and research around CBD are only getting started. The future of CBD and pain relief is bright, but so much research and progress have already happened. To learn more about it and how CBD products can help you, keep reading!


What is CBD?

CBD is a compound in the marijuana plant that is not psychoactive. You cannot experience any feelings of being “high” from CBD and CBD oil products. And that’s a good thing for many people who are either not eligible for the medical marijuana card, cannot use it medicinally in their state, or do not enjoy medical marijuana as a treatment. CBD is similar, though, in the way that it allows people to relax and find relief. This relief can come in many forms, but it’s most notable for relieving pain. The pain treatment aspect of it, along with the many other benefits, makes CBD great. Now, traditional and prescription medication are still great methods of treatment. But, CBD is one way to find even more relief or, for some people, find relief without the aid of other medications. It all comes down to everyone’s unique and individual situation.


What Pain Can CBD Hemp Oil Relieve?

With all of the talk about CBD oil and how it affects the body, you might be wondering what kind of pain it can help with. Essentially, any pain you have can get dulled or diminished with CBD products. Some products are better for some types of pain than others. Also, dosage, medicine, and other factors play a role in how CBD oil will affect you.


If you have more physical pain, such as muscle soreness, an injury, arthritis pain, or cramps, then topical CBD cream would be a more effective way to ease the pain. For pain that you feel more internally, such as headaches, pain from medical conditions, and chronic pain, droplets, and other products may better serve you. Either way, you will get the relief you want with CBD products. You might not feel the CBD working at first, but keep in mind that you can always increase your dosage. Starting small ensures you take an amount you are comfortable with.


Recent CBD Research Findings

The more research done on CBD products, the better CBD ends up looking. In the past, there was limited research, and the benefits of the products were never scientifically proven. As a result, skepticism and fear were surrounding CBD. Also, there were the claims that it was marijuana and could give people that same “high” feeling. Fast forward to today, and ample research has been done and is continuing to get done. We now know that CBD can help reduce symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy treatment. We also know that CBD can help those struggling with mental health conditions, such as PTSD and anxiety. And all of this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Recent CBD Research Findings

The latest 2021 studies on marijuana usage have been surrounding how CBD can help with diabetes, seizures, panic attacks, and even COVID-19. So far, these studies show promising results, too. Here at Superior Hemp Oil, we are confident that more research will yield even more exciting results, further cementing CBD as a treatment option for people.


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