CBD oil is famous for all of the benefits it provides for several conditions, including pain, mental disorders, irritable bowels and insomnia. More people are turning to it to get results they cannot find with traditional medicine. 40% of those who are in the 18 to 29 year old demographic are trying and using it at faster rates. They feel that it offers benefits in dealing with these conditions they can’t find anywhere else. Not all CBD oil dosage is the same and you must know what to look for and how to take it. There are several CBD oil strength tips you can use in taking the correct dosage to have the best impacts on your health. They make the experience better by using the correct amount in alleviating your ailments to improve your health.

The Correct Levels

CBD oil strength levels depend on numerous factors, including the condition, body weight, biochemistry, and concentration. The best avenue is to talk with your doctor about the CBD oil dosage and see what amounts they recommend. You want to prevent any adverse side effects if you take other prescription drugs like Epidolex (a seizure medication). If your doctor does not give specific advice, you want to start small and slowly increase it. It usually occurs somewhere in 20 to 35 mg daily and increases by 5 mg a week. Continue the process until it feels like you are successfully treating the symptoms of your condition.

For instance, if you have chronic pain, you can start with 35 mg and see how your body reacts. The following week you increase it to 40 and 45 (for the week after that). Keep this process up until the pain decreases and you can do everyday activities without a problem. A good approach is to keep a journal of what you are taking and measure it to see which levels are the most effective.

Figuring out the Dosage

CBD oil strength comes in a bottle with a dropper for applying it to your tongue and usage is based on the total amounts inside. You need to read the labeling carefully to see how much comes inside the bottle and figure out the correct levels. The most effective approach is to look at a single drop, not the amount that is in the dropper. Single amounts contain lower levels of CBD oil dosage and you can begin your calculations at this point.

For example, one drop usually contains .5 mg of CBD oil dosage and everything that is in the dropper is around 5 mg. It means that you must fill up the enter dropper eight times to reach 40 mg of CBD oil dosage daily. The dosages vary depending on the amounts in the bottle and how the CBD oil is manufactured.


Anytime you are using CBD oil, the delivery method determines how much goes into your body. The most effective way is to put it underneath your tongue and hold it there between 30 and 60 seconds. Doing this increases the absorption rate by 30 percent, but it takes a little while until it goes into your bloodstream. Another option is to place the drops on the areas of the body that are impacted the most. It is not as effective and only 10 percent of the CBD oil strength is absorbed into the blood. It takes longer for it to work through the layers of the skin to reach the troubled areas. Be careful about taking it, as the CBD oil dosage can have side effects in these situations. Some of the most notable include diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, lack of energy, and appetite changes.

Understanding CBD oil strength is the key to selecting the right amounts and how to take them. Superior Hemp Oil can help you to learn more and choose the best products for you to get the results you want. Call today and learn how their expert advice can help you to locate the CBD dosage with the strength and quality you need.

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