Many people are aware of all the good CBD can do for them and their health. However, similar to any over-the-counter medicine or prescription out there, it can get intimidating. Trying any new treatment plan is going to come with some uneasiness. Is this going to be the treatment that finally helps? Is it going to come with unpleasant side effects? And while CBD is an untraditional form of medicine, many people are seeking it out. Unlike many other drugs and medications on the market, CBD comes with limited side effects and none that can pose a danger to your health. Because of this non-harmful aspect, those who use it can self-dose. Although convenient, having no recommended CBD oil dosage brings upon a string of other questions. But that’s what the Superior CBD Hemp Oil team is here to help with.


1. Start Small and Evaluate


Most forms of medication and treatment come with a recommended dosage on the label. Some medicine can even become counterproductive or fatal if you take too much. Most people are strict about following the medication label to achieve relief and protect themselves. However, CBD isn’t like every other prescription or over-the-counter medicine. It’s not fatal, even if you were to take tons of it at once. With that said, it’s up to the consumer to decide how much to consume. Everyone is different, too, making it that much more confusing if you are new to CBD. That is why our team at Superior CBD Hemp Oil recommends starting slow. If you are using the dropper, maybe try one or two drops at first. Then, wait until the CBD takes effect and evaluate from there. If you need more, you can always consume more.


2. Seek the Advice of the Experts


There are two kinds of CBD experts in this situation who you could consult. The first being the staff at Superior CBD Hemp Oil. Any question you may have about our products or the concentration, we can answer. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable when consuming CBD and get all of the benefits out of it. We can also inform you of our unique products and help you find what’s best for you. The second expert you should consult is your doctor. Not everyone needs to speak with their doctor before using CBD; however, it can’t hurt. And those with a medical condition or prescriptions should ensure that the CBD is not weakening their medical prescription. Your doctor may also give you more insight into CBD oil dosage and how it can affect you. The more information you have, the better you will feel.


3. Calculate the Dosage


Some people prefer to calculate the exact dosage of CBD. Going with this method will give you a better idea of what you are consuming. Every CBD product has a label with the concentration listed on it. For example, the dropper bottle may have about 200 drops or serving sizes. The dropper itself will have measurements on it. From there, you can keep track of how many droppers or servings you are consuming. And if you are using multiple CBD products, you can consider the other amounts, too. Having an exact number in mind can help people navigate future CBD oil dosage. If you grow a tolerance to it, you know to increase the dose by whatever amount you calculate. If what you take now is working well for you, then you know the perfect dosage. Everyone has a CBD sweet spot that takes trial and error to find.


Find Your Perfect CBD Oil Dosage!


Whether you are new to CBD oil or new to Superior CBD Hemp Oil products, we can help you find the perfect dosage. We know that finding that ideal sweet spot can get tricky. But, with a team of experts on your side, you can find it without too much trial and error. Our team knows all about CBD products and can guide you. Whether you are unsure of dosages or what CBD products to try, we got you covered. To learn more or get assistance today, reach out to our staff at (727) 264-2068 or click here.

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