It may seem like CBD is the talk around town, and it probably is. Everyone seems to have some degree of curiosity about the substance. Whether you have tried it or know someone who has tried it, chances are you have heard about it. 

Here at Superior CBD Hemp Oil, we are excited that CBD is reaching more people. But one thing that often happens when a topic starts trending is misinformation. 

It’s possible someone has told you something false, or you have seen something misleading on social media. And that’s no one’s fault exactly, but it does mean it’s that much more important to get the facts out there. 

There are a few myths, in particular, that we feel everyone should know the truth about. You probably have heard a few of these, too. Keep reading to see what we think about these myths and why they’re more false than not. 


Myth 1: CBD Gives You the Feeling of Being High

The most damaging myth out there is the myth that CBD gets you high. CBD will never get you high, no matter how large a dose you take or how low your tolerance is. There is simply not enough THC in CBD products to have this effect. The only feeling you should have is one of relaxation and calmness. You may even have some pain relief, too, if you are experiencing pain. 

Some CBD products are more useful for some conditions and problems versus others. When using these specific products, you may find you have more pain relief or increased drowsiness, the feelings will vary case by case. But again, there will never be a feeling of being high, especially when purchasing from a reputable company and source.


Myth 2: You Have to Have a Prescription to Use CBD

The second myth we hear about CBD is that you need a prescription to use it. Truth is, you do not need a prescription of any kind to utilize CBD products. If you are on medications or want to use CBD to help with a condition, it never hurts to consult your doctor.

Now, you can go ahead and purchase and use CBD with many medical conditions without a doctor’s opinion. But we recommend asking a doctor to ensure the CBD will not affect your medication. You also want to get an idea of how much to use.  While there are states and places where CBD can be infused with higher doses of THC that would require a prescription, but your typical, easily-purchased CBD products won’t require a prescription.


Myth 3: All CBD is the Same

This myth is total misinformation, but we do not feel it does as much harm as the other two we mentioned. CBD comes in many forms, from gummies to creams, there are all kinds of products out there. All of the products will give you the desired effect, but some are more effective depending on what you need them for. 

For example, CBD creams and lotions are better for those looking for pain relief. You get to apply this product to specific areas of the body, making it able to address the pain head-on. For mental health conditions, you may choose to go with droppers as they are better at reducing anxiety or feelings of stress. Either way, you’ll be able to find a CBD product that best suits your needs.


Superior Hemp Oil Can Help!

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