Those suffering from pain and wanting new solutions from traditional medicine are turning to CBD cream. It comes from hemp and is a cousin of marijuana, but there are low THC levels. THC is the substance that causes the high when using marijuana and CBD does not contain such amounts. Traditionally, marijuana has THC levels going up to 15%; state law requires that CBD contains .3%. The result is you can use this product and not worry about the hallucinogenic effects and reap the medicinal benefits it offers. CBD cream is not addictive and is shown to be more effective in relieving pain than prescription drugs. The key is to know how to apply the cream and which product to choose from to get the best results. As a result, it simplifies your life and you don’t suffer the agony of dealing with your aches and pains. 

1. Side Effects

In Florida, you can get CBD cream and without a prescription from a doctor as long as the THC levels don’t exceed .3%. It is advisable to talk with your doctor about taking it to ensure no adverse reaction to the other medications you are taking. Topicals are the least likely to cause any adverse reactions and match what you are currently using. There are minor side effects with any CBD product, including drowsiness, dry mouth, weight loss, decreased appetite, and diarrhea. As a result, knowing what your body can handle is the first step to relieve pain. 

2. Selection 

You want a cream that is safe, quality, and gives you the maximum strength for pain. The process requires reading the label carefully and going with a product that contains American grown hemp. There are no heavy metals, molds, pesticides, or other chemicals used inside it to ensure safety and natural quality. The best approach is to do some research online to see which brands offer the desired results and any advisories from the FDA. After this, you want to go to a local retailer that sells CBD cream and discuss the right products for you. They have more knowledge and advice in taking about which cream gives you the best results. Never use an online source and always go with someone local, as they can provide the face-to-face service you want. 

3. The Significance of Third-Party Testing

The CBD market has no regulations and there are unscrupulous individuals and organizations will sell you unsafe products. The FDA is a good source of information, but they are not rating its quality. The FDA says that as far as they know, it is safe to use and there are no outstanding issues with the cream.

Like we stated previously, you want to go to a local retailer in South Florida, where you can walk in and ask questions. Online sources can be good, but you are taking a risk as this is where unscrupulous organizations operate. Last summer, the FDA recalled different CBD products that contained no hemp and were filled with lead. Lead is dangerous and no one should consume it. The FDA offers a starting point for guidance, but a local retailer can help out. They can tell you if the product is from reliable independent third parties and contains American grown hemp. 

4. Application 

Applying the cream requires using a little bit over the sore areas and waiting between 15 and 30 minutes to take effect. You want to start small and slowly increase the amounts to see how your body reacts. Moderation is the key and you must test it to determine what quantities relieve your pain. 

Choosing a CBD ointment can be tricky; these tips help you learn more to select the best one. Superior Hemp Oil can help with their expert advice and they are located in Boynton Beach. Call today and see how going local is the key is finding the suitable CBD cream for you.

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