At this point, you probably know multiple people who use CBD products or at least have mentioned them to you. CBD has been around for some time now, but it wasn’t until recently when everyone began to use it this much. In the past, CBD was stigmatized and commonly grouped in with marijuana. The negativity surrounding it discouraged people from using it and gave it a bad name despite its benefits. Fast forward to today, and everyone knows what CBD is, and many people have given it a try. CBD is so powerful that people with medical conditions and mental health illnesses have even found relief. With all this talk and excitement over CBD, you may be ready to give it a try and we understand why!

Whether you are looking for a way to get better sleep, manage pain, or deal with mental health, CBD hemp oil could be the solution. But, we’re sure you have some questions before jumping in headfirst and we’ve decided to answer a few of them anymore.

What is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is found in the cannabis plant. It is only one out of the many other cannabinoids in the plant, not to be confused with marijuana. CBD has become quite popular in recent years and is known to have many benefits. It can be ingested and delivered to the body in a variety of ways, making it a popular choice for millions across the world. 

What Makes CBD Different From Marijuana?

The top question we get asked is what the difference is between CBD and marijuana. For one, CBD cannot give you the high feeling that people say marijuana gives them. CBD will make you feel relaxed, but there is no other “high” sensation associated with it. CBD is also completely legal and can be purchased from different shops in-store or online.

How Does CBD Help People?

CBD can help people in several ways. The first and probably the most popular is pain management. All methods of CBD can assist with this, from drops to creams to gummies and candy. However, cream products are most beneficial when trying to eliminate or relieve pain. All you have to do is rub it into the skin and wait for it to work its magic. The other forms of CBD, such as drops, gummies, and more, can help with pain as well, but the creams seem to do the most for physical pain considering they go directly on to the area where the pain is. CBD is also known to help improve sleep. If you have insomnia or cannot seem to stay asleep through the night, CBD hemp oil can help. After a few drops on the tongue, you will find that you can enjoy a deeper sleep and overall better quality of rest.

Who Should Take CBD?

Anyone can use CBD as it is not illegal and easy to purchase. But, whether or not it provides relief or benefits everyone is a different story. Every human’s body is unique and reacts differently to CBD. Some people may find that their pain is completely gone with CBD, while others may have relief with some pain remaining. The best way to know if CBD is right for you is to do research and talk to a doctor. Before you try out new exercises, gyms recommend speaking with a doctor; and the same goes for this. 

How Much CBD Should I Take?

One question people ask once they first purchase CBD is how much they should take at once. It can be hard to gauge how much will work for you, as everyone is different. But, the best way to get comfortable with CBD and not overdo it is to start slow. You want to take a little bit at first and see how you feel. If some time has passed and you think more can help, go for it but be sure to run it by your doctor first! 

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