It’s safe to say that there is tons of information out there about CBD. But do you know what’s true and what isn’t? With all of the excitement surrounding CBD, it can be hard to differentiate between the facts and the fiction. Everyone who has tried it has their own experience, some skeptics have their judgments, and doctors have the hard-hitting facts. All of these opinions can get mixed up pretty quickly, making it difficult to understand what CBD even is. And if you are like most people and need to know legitimate information before trying something, this confusing swirl of information might turn you off to jumping headfirst into it.

While there will always be some misinformation out there, knowing the common myths and the truths about them is a good place to start. In this blog post, we are going to explain five common myths and debunk them, giving you a better idea of what CBD is and how it works.

Myth 1: CBD Makes You Drowsy

The reason we think this myth came to be is because of how many people rave about CBD for better sleep. And yes, there are tons of CBD products made specifically for improved sleep. However, there are also CBD products made to increase energy levels and make you feel more alert. So while this myth comes from a good-intentioned place with some knowledge, it isn’t always the case. It’s also important to note that CBD affects everyone differently, so you may not be as sleepy after trying CBD as others. 

Myth 2: CBD Makes You Feel High

Another myth that spreads around is that CBD gives you the feeling of being high. We think this myth comes from CBD products occasionally being sold in medical marijuana dispensaries and having some of the same stigmas. The fact is that CBD does not make you feel high. The only thing you may feel when you take it is muscle relaxation. And if you are someone who is anxious or carries a lot of tension in your body, this feeling may be foreign to you and feel a little weird at first. But, rest assured that you are most definitely not what we could call high or compare to being on a drug-induced high. The thing that separates CBD and medical marijuana so far apart is the fact that one can actually get you high, and one doesn’t. 

Myth 3: There Is No Scientific Evidence CBD Works

This myth is very damaging to people as CBD may be a solution for them, but hearing this may make them hesitant to give it a try. While many studies still are in the works and need to be done, there is plenty of scientific evidence that CBD works and is safe. CBD was recently ruled legal by the federal government, meaning that even though there were some studies done before the legalization of it, there is still more to be done. But, now that it is legal and is becoming more mainstream, scientists are going to explore the treatment more now than ever before.

Myth 4: Everyone Can Use CBD

Similar to myth 1, this one has some truth to it while remaining false. Sure, everyone could pop into a store, purchase CBD, and use it. But, not everyone should. Someone pregnant or someone who struggles with certain medical conditions should avoid using it. However, the only way to know for certain if CBD is right for you is to speak with your doctor. Everyone has different reactions to things and should never take something without knowing all of the facts.

Myth 5: CBD Fixes or Treats Everything

With CBD rising in popularity, some people seem to think it will be a solution to every issue. While there is ample evidence that CBD can help tons of conditions and everyday problems, it isn’t a miracle cure. As mentioned above, the best way to know if CBD can help you is to contact your doctor and get their medical opinion. CBD is known to help with mental health disorders, epilepsy, pain management, and sleep disorders; however, everyone is different and should get medical advice before trying something new, especially if you are already on medication.

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While CBD is a beneficial treatment and product for many people, the best thing to do to determine if it is right for you is to learn as much as you can about it and get a doctor’s opinion. And if it ends up being something you want to use and can use, be sure to check out our website, Superior Hemp Oil, to see some of the CBD products we have. Whatever issue or problem you are hoping to solve, we have CBD that can help you out.

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