When it comes to the alternative forms of treatment and medicine, you may have heard a lot about medical marijuana but little about CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol. Unlike marijuana, CBD is legal federally. You can access this wonder drug in almost every vitamin shop nowadays. But what does it do, and how can it help you? If you don’t know much about CBD, our team at Superior Hemp Oil, located in Reading, Massachusetts, have all of the facts you need about it. From the effects of it to the nitty-gritty fun facts, we got you covered. And if you already know about CBD but need a place to purchase it, we can help you out on that front too. Let’s dive in!


  • CBD Does Not Get You High

One of the main facts about CBD is that you will not get a high feeling from it. This feeling is exclusive to medical marijuana. The best part about CBD is that it is an alternative to medical marijuana that can do a lot of the same things but will not give you the high feeling many do not like. The lack of this feeling means that it is not deemed as a drug and is legal to purchase and use in all 50 states. So for those who do not want to go through the medical marijuana card process, CBD is a viable option.


  • CBD and Hemp Oil are Different

Many people confuse CBD products and hemp oil for being the same thing. While both come from the hemp plant, they have many notable differences. CBD contains cannabinoids and comes from the flower or bud of the hemp plant. The CBD products may have some hemp in it, although it’s not the same as the hemp oil product, which is usually 100% hemp. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and does not have any cannabinoids in it. 


  • CBD is Safe for Pets

Just like humans, when dogs and cats get older, they may face more health issues. And just like humans, they deserve pain relief. There are probably medications your vet can give you, but a popular treatment is CBD. CBD can provide the same relief for pets as it does humans. You may have to give your pet a smaller dose, but the treatment is just as effective. Even if your pet isn’t in pain or has a condition, they can still benefit from CBD. Some owners will even give it to their pets when they are scared of things like thunder, household supplies, and loud objects.


  • The CBD Market is Predicted to Reach 20 Billion Dollars

One thing that many don’t realize is how large the market is for CBD products. The stigma against holistic forms of medication and treatment, such as medical marijuana, hemp oil, and CBD, is slowly melting. More and more people are trying out these forms of treatment, and other people no longer judge others who use these products. With that said, by 2024 it is predicted that the CBD market will continue to increase and become worth over $20 billion. 


  • CBD Can Energize You or Sedate You

Many people who are familiar with CBD on a baseline level are familiar with its benefits when it comes to sleeping. However, CBD can help you with energy levels as well. The best part about many of the products out there is that they can help with different things. There are gummies dedicated to sleeping and others dedicated to focusing and energy-boosting. Whatever your needs are, there are CBD products out there that can help you.

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Whatever your needs are, CBD is here for you. The beauty of this natural form of treatment is that it can prove helpful for many problems people have. Whether you have a medical condition that could benefit from a holistic treatment, or suffer from low quality of sleep, CBD is an option for you. To learn more about CBD and the power it has, be sure to check out our website, Superior Hemp Oil. Our team has come up with tons of resources for you to learn more about CBD and whether it can be a treatment option for you.

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